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 performance measurements

Each table row shows performance measurements for this Nuitka program with a particular command-line input value N.

 N  CPU secs Elapsed secs Memory KB Code B ≈ CPU Load
12.882.8910,888367  0% 0% 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Read the ↓ make, command line, and program output logs to see how this program was run.

Read iobench benchmark to see what this program should do.


 iobench Nuitka program source code

import os, time

def measure(func, repetitions, size):
    t0 = time.time()
    func(repetitions, size)
        "%d bytes, %.2fus per write" % (
            (time.time() - t0) / repetitions * 1000 * 1000

def fwrite(repetitions, size):
    fd ="/dev/null", os.O_WRONLY)
    for i in range(repetitions):
        os.write(fd, b" " * size)

def fread(repetitions, size):
    fd ="/dev/full", os.O_RDONLY)
    for i in range(repetitions):, size)

def file_write(repetitions, size):
    f = open("/dev/null", "w")
    for i in range(repetitions):
        f.write(" " * size)

def file_read(repetitions, size):
    f = open("/dev/full")
    for i in range(repetitions):

if __name__ == '__main__':
    measure(fread, 1000000, 100)
    measure(fwrite, 1000000, 100)
    measure(fread, 1000000, 1000)
    measure(fwrite, 1000000, 1000)
    measure(fread, 100000, 10000)
    measure(fwrite, 100000, 10000)
    measure(file_read, 1000000, 100)
    measure(file_write, 1000000, 100)
    measure(file_read, 1000000, 1000)
    measure(file_write, 1000000, 1000)
    measure(file_read, 100000, 10000)
    measure(file_write, 100000, 10000)

 make, command-line, and program output logs

 Tue, 07 Dec 2021 18:04:22 GMT

make[1]: Vstupuje se do adresáře „/home/dundee/work/pybenchmarks/bencher/tmp/iobench/tmp“
nuitka3 --remove-output iobench.nuitka
Nuitka-Options:INFO: Used command line options: --remove-output iobench.nuitka
Nuitka:INFO: Starting Python compilation with Nuitka '' on Python '3.9' commercial None.
Nuitka:INFO: Completed Python level compilation and optimization.
Nuitka:INFO: Generating source code for C backend compiler.
Nuitka:INFO: Running data composer tool for optimal constant value handling.
Nuitka:INFO: Running C compilation via Scons.
Nuitka-Scons:INFO: Backend C compiler: gcc (gcc).
Nuitka-Scons:WARNING: You are not using ccache.
Nuitka:INFO: Removing build directory ''.
Nuitka:INFO: Successfully created 'iobench.nuitka.bin'.
cp iobench.nuitka.bin iobench.nuitka_run
make[1]: Opouští se adresář „/home/dundee/work/pybenchmarks/bencher/tmp/iobench/tmp“
12.81s to complete and log all make actions

 ./iobench.nuitka_run 1

<compiled_function fread at 0x7f8b67a61b80> 100 bytes, 0.34us per write
<compiled_function fwrite at 0x7f8b67a61a90> 100 bytes, 0.30us per write
<compiled_function fread at 0x7f8b67a61b80> 1000 bytes, 0.45us per write
<compiled_function fwrite at 0x7f8b67a61a90> 1000 bytes, 0.37us per write
<compiled_function fread at 0x7f8b67a61b80> 10000 bytes, 0.80us per write
<compiled_function fwrite at 0x7f8b67a61a90> 10000 bytes, 0.43us per write
<compiled_function file_read at 0x7f8b67a61d60> 100 bytes, 0.13us per write
<compiled_function file_write at 0x7f8b67a61c70> 100 bytes, 0.11us per write
<compiled_function file_read at 0x7f8b67a61d60> 1000 bytes, 0.46us per write
<compiled_function file_write at 0x7f8b67a61c70> 1000 bytes, 0.24us per write
<compiled_function file_read at 0x7f8b67a61d60> 10000 bytes, 2.61us per write
<compiled_function file_write at 0x7f8b67a61c70> 10000 bytes, 0.79us per write

Revised BSD license

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