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 performance measurements

Each table row shows performance measurements for this Python dev program with a particular command-line input value N.

 N  CPU secs Elapsed secs Memory KB Code B ≈ CPU Load

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Read binary-trees benchmark to see what this program should do.


 binary-trees Python dev #7 program source code

# The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
# contributed by Antoine Pitrou
# modified by Dominique Wahli and Daniel Nanz
# modified by Joerg Baumann

import sys
import multiprocessing as mp
import gc

def make_tree(i, d):
    if d > 0:
        d -= 1
        return (i, make_tree(i, d), make_tree(i + 1, d))
    return (i, None, None)

def check_tree(node):
    (i, l, r) = node
    if l is None:
        return i
        return i + check_tree(l) - check_tree(r)

def make_check(itde, make=make_tree, check=check_tree):
    i, d = itde
    return check(make(i, d))

def get_argchunks(i, d, chunksize=5000):
    assert chunksize % 2 == 0
    chunk = []
    for k in range(1, i + 1):
        chunk.extend([(k, d), (-k, d)])
        if len(chunk) == chunksize:
            yield chunk
            chunk = []
    if len(chunk) > 0:
        yield chunk

def main(n, min_depth=4):
    max_depth = max(min_depth + 2, n)
    stretch_depth = max_depth + 1
    if mp.cpu_count() > 1:
        pool = mp.Pool()
        chunkmap =
        chunkmap = map

    print('stretch tree of depth {0}\t check: {1}'.format(
          stretch_depth, make_check((0, stretch_depth))))

    long_lived_tree = make_tree(0, max_depth)

    mmd = max_depth + min_depth
    for d in range(min_depth, stretch_depth, 2):
        i = 2 ** (mmd - d)
        cs = 0
        for argchunk in get_argchunks(i,d):
            cs += sum(chunkmap(make_check, argchunk))
        print('{0}\t trees of depth {1}\t check: {2}'.format(i * 2, d, cs))

    print('long lived tree of depth {0}\t check: {1}'.format(
          max_depth, check_tree(long_lived_tree)))

if __name__ == '__main__':

 make, command-line, and program output logs

 Thu, 29 Oct 2020 22:07:54 GMT

 /usr/bin/python3.10 binarytrees.python-dev-7.python-dev 14

 Thu, 29 Oct 2020 22:07:54 GMT

 /usr/bin/python3.10 binarytrees.python-dev-7.python-dev 14

Revised BSD license

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