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 binary-trees-redux benchmark N=?

Each chart bar shows how many times slower, one ↓ binary-trees-redux program was, compared to the fastest program.

These are not the only programs that could be written. These are not the only compilers and interpreters. These are not the only programming languages.

Column × shows how many times more each program used compared to the benchmark program that used least.

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  ×   Program Source Code CPU secs Elapsed secs Memory KB Code B ≈ CPU Load
missing benchmark programs
Python 2 No program
PyPy 2 No program
Python 3 No program
Python development version No program
PyPy 3 No program
Jython No program
IronPython No program
Cython No program
Nuitka No program
Shedskin No program
Numba No program
Pyston No program
MicroPython No program
Grumpy No program
Graal No program
RustPython No program

 binary-trees-redux benchmark : Allocate and deallocate many many binary trees

The binary-trees-redux benchmark is another simplistic adaptation of Hans Boehm's GCBench, which in turn was adapted from a benchmark by John Ellis and Pete Kovac.

Heap size has been limited for each program, to 8KB more than that program needs to complete the task.

Revised BSD license

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